Curious George and the Puppies by Margaret & H.A. Rey

Review by Bob Smith (5 yr old)

Curious George goes on a walk and finds a lost kitten.  So they take the kitten to the shelter.  At the shelter Curious George lets all the puppies out.  Eventually the Director and the Man in the Yellow Hat get all the puppies back except for one the mom.  The mother dog was barking at a door and a missing puppy was behind. George got to take a puppy home.

                I like this book because I love puppies.  I have two dogs, Odin and Hella, that I love to play with and hug them.  They are German Shepherds. I really love Odin and Hella.

Wild Magic and Wolf Speaker

Hi the books I am doing today are from one of my favorite authors named Tamora Pierce.

The book Wild Magic is about a girl named Diane who has  a connection with animals.  Diane is an orphan who hunted down the bandits that killed her family.  She was a one parent child.  She goes to a fair looking for a job.  She gets hired by the horse mistress of the queens riders.  This book is how she finds her place in Tortall.

The book Wolf Speaker is about Daine when her old pack calls for help because the humans are cutting down the trees and scarring of the game.  They ask her to talk to the humans that live in a fief nearby, and get them to stop ruining the forest.  The animals help Daine discover that the fief is planning to overthrow the king!

I like these books because the shy girl Daine is finding her place in the world of Tortall.  Daine is a strong independent girl who is also meek and kind.  Daine works hard to be kind to the people and animals around her.  Daine is one of my favorite characters from these books.

The Dark Prophecy by Rick Riordan

Hi, Nathan here, I am reviewing a book from one of my favorite authors. I love Rick Riordan’s books. I know this is the second book, but its the latest book I read.

Apollo has become mortal and has to defeat 3 evil emperors and Python to return to Olympus. In this book, he has to avoid getting caught by one of the emperors he is supposed to defeat. With the help of his bossy master Meg, he must defeat this emperor to fulfill the prophesy.

I love how Rick Riordan makes mythology seem more realistic, like it is happening now. I like this series because I think it is funny that Apollo thinks his punishment is unfair. He feels Zeus is blaming him for something Hera did.

Alanna the First Adventure by Tamora Pierce

Hi Nadia here and the book I am doing is one of my favorite books.  It is from Tamora Pierce. She is one of my favorite authors. Her books are full of action and magic.  She tends to have very independent, strong, resourceful heroines in her books.  I love the world of Tortall that she created in her books.

Alanna the First Adventure takes place in Tortall and is about a girl who wants to be a knight. Her twin brother wants to be a sorcerer.  In this world girls cannot be warriors.  So they switch places and she disguises as a boy and goes to the castle to become a knight.  This book is about her years in training as a page.

I love this book because it shows girls are as strong as boys and can be stronger than them at times. Alanna shows you that hard work pays off.  It was exciting and suspenseful at the same time.  Sometimes I felt like I was a part of her world.You would start to get bored then comes another action packed scene.  I love this book.

Fablehaven by Brandon Mull

Hey Crystal here my first review is on Fablehaven by Brandon Mull. This book is probably for the ages 8+. It’s very creative and mystical. I’d say if you like Harry Potter or any other magic related book then you will probably like this.

Two siblings are sent to stay with their grandparents that own the property of Fablehaven, out in the middle of nowhere. They have never visited them before expecting to be bored little do they know they’re in for more they anticipated. With clues given by her grandfather, will they figure out the secret behind Fablehaven? And will they save Fablehaven from the danger that will unravel?

I definitely think this is a book for boys and girls no matter if the child or person only likes boy/girl main characters. This book moves at a moderate pace. I think it’s a decent and fun book for kids to read. This book is one that is fun to try and guess what will happen next.  Out of a 5 star rating I would give it a 4.5.

Dragonsinger by Anne McCaffrey

Hi Nadia here, and the book I have today is the second book in the Harper Hall trilogy.  This is another one of my favorite books by Anne McCaffery.

In Dragonsinger, you have the same sea holder’s daughter, Menolly, trying to fit in to her new home.  She and her friends must face many challenges.  She faces new people and surroundings, new attitudes and new sounds.  Her friends must learn to control themselves and help each other.

In the book they mention a special dessert called a Bubbly Pie.  It is a hand pie filled with berries whose juices ooze out the sides and down your face as you eat them.  I thought they sounded so good that I asked my mom if we could make some.  We decided to make a sweet empanada dough and fill it with blackberry pie filling.  We brushed the pie with milk and sprinkled a little sugar on top.  Honestly, when I ate them I felt like I was at the fair with Menolly.  It was amazing.

This is the sweet empanada dough recipe we used:

Then just fill it with your favorite pie filling.

Dragonsong by Anne McCaffrey

Hi, Nadia here today. The book I chose to review today I just finished reading again.  I keep coming back to this book so much that its falling apart.   It is a very well-loved book.

Dragonsong is a book about a young sea holder’s daughter who loves music.  In this world females are not allowed to be musicians so she runs away.  Little does she know that her old mentor sent songs that she wrote to the Master Harper, and the Master Harper has sent out a worldwide search for her in hopes to make her a musician.

I really like Menolly because she is strong and independent but also kind and humble to the people around her.  She loves music and adventure.  I love the way that she is striving for her and her friends survival.  She must feed multiple mouths and needs to stay strong for her friends.  This is an easy read that I love and keep coming back to.  It is one of my favorite books from Anne McCaffrey.

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